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Activity Request Form Application Faculty and Staff

Request form for visits, conferences, workshops or non-academic activities.

Appointment Request Form Application Faculty and Staff

Student appointment request form is required for all (undergraduate and graduate) research assistantships, NSERC URSA and VIRS appointments.

Corequisite Waiver Request Application Current Students

If offered in the same term, students can request to take both the prerequisite course and the desired course concurrently provided that the student has an overall average of at least 70%.

COSC and MGMT Minor Application Online Application Form Application Current Students

Students interested in Management or Computer Science as a minor to their Bachelor of Applied Science degree must formally apply using the COSC and MGMT Minor Application Form. Application deadline is the end of May each year.

Details on minors can be found at the links below:

Minor in Management:,317,989,1383

Minor in Computer Science:,317,989,1360

Course Information Form Application Faculty and Staff

Questionnaire for Evaluation of an Engineering Program.

Course Scheduling Request Form Application Faculty and Staff

College of Graduate Studies document entitled departmental course scheduling request.

Course Syllabus Template Application Faculty and Staff

The course syllabus template provides guidelines to ensure individual syllabus meet UBC requirements and standards.

Curriculum Proposal Form Application Faculty and Staff

Curriculum Proposal Form enables faculty to proposal curriculum changes that will be forwarded to administration and Senate for consideration.

Degree Progression Letter Request Application Current Students

Degree Progession Letters are often required for scholarships, funding opportunities, etc.
To obtain this letter, please complete the form below and allow 7-10 business days for processing.

Enrollment of Undergraduate in Graduate Course Application Prospective Students and Current Students

To be eligible to take a graduate course, undergraduates must meet the following
· Must have completed at least 50% (normally equivalent to 36 credits) of the 300 and 400 level
courses required for their bachelor degree, and must have a minimum overall average of 76%
(B+) in their completed 300 and 400 level courses.
· Must have completed all pre-requisite courses.

Faculty Absence Form Application Faculty and Staff

Form required for absence from duties or personal vacation plans

Final Thesis Submission Form Application Current Students

When a graduate student has completed their thesis defence and any changes required by the examining committee, their supervisor and committee member(s) will sign the Thesis or Dissertation Approval form.

General Expense Claim Form Application Current Students and Faculty and Staff

Hard-copy version of general expense claim form.
Please staple receipts in chronological order to a blank 8.5 x 11″ paper. Number each receipt individually and fill in the details on the corresponding line. Attach the papers with the receipts to this form when you submit it.

Graduate Student TA Application Form Application Current Students

Teaching assistantship application form

IURA – Award Application Form Application Current Students

International Undergraduate Student Research Award Application Form

Lab Access Request Form Application Current Students and Faculty and Staff

Please complete the lab access form to request Salto access to any engineering labs.

Late Withdrawal Request Application Current Students

Request form for withdrawing late from a course

Leave of Absence Form Application Current Students

The student must indicate why he or she requires time completely away from his or her academic responsibilities.

Letter of Permission Application Application Current Students

Application for students wishing to acquire credit for courses at institutions other than UBC Okanagan.

Please submit a minimum of ONE MONTH before you need to register in the desired class.

In order for the School of Engineering to review course equivalency, student must include a course syllabus, not just a course description. These can be found on the host institution website or by contacting them directly.

Out of Time Final Examination Request Application Current Students

If students have missed a final examination because of a medical condition or some unforeseen circumstance, they must submit this request within 48 hours of the missed examination and must include appropriate documentation to support the request.

Religious observance may preclude attending classes or examination at certain times. In accordance with UBC Policy 65, students who wish to be accommodated for religious reasons must notify their instructors in writing at least two weeks in advance, and preferably earlier.

Students having two exams scheduled at the same time or 3 exams scheduled within a 24 hour period should also complete this request for an out-of-time final examination.

Prerequisite Waiver Request Form Application Current Students

Students submitting a Prerequisite Waiver Request must meet the following requirements:
1. Students must have an overall average of at least 55%, have taken the prerequisite course, and obtained 45% in the prerequisite course to be considered for a prerequisite waiver.
2. Students requesting access to courses for which they do not meet the year level may be considered if they have an average of 70% or above.

Professional Activities Form PAF Application Current Students

The Professional Activities Fund (PAF) supports co-curricular projects and activities including competitions, conferences and field trips. The intended purpose of the projects and activities is to enhance the professional development of undergraduate engineering students.

Professional Development Claim Form Application Faculty and Staff

Faculty Professional Development Reimbursement (PDR) Claim Form

Request for Information Form Application Current Students

Requests for verification of employment or copy of a contract require the submission of a Request for Information Form.

Request to View Marked Examinations Application Current Students

Complete all required sections of the form for your Request to be considered.
Ensure that the Instructor Email Address that you enter is correct – this is where your Request will be sent.

Scholarship Supplementary Information Form Application Current Students

Engineering students interested in engineering-specific scholarships must use this form to provide the SoE Scholarship and Awards Committee with information related to their extracurricular or leadership activities.
All full-time students are eligible for scholarships and awards based on academic qualifications (GPA).
Some awards include other criteria such as evidence of leadership or involvement in extracurricular activities.

School of Engineering Blank PPT Application Faculty and Staff

PowerPoint template (dated)

Teaching Assistant Application Form Application Current Students

The School of Engineering – TA Application Form is avilable at the below link. By completing the application, applicant agrees to the terms listed in the BCGEU Collective Agreement UTA or GTA.

Transfer Credit Application Application Current Students

The Transfer Credit Application only relates to courses with APSC or ENGR course codes.

If you would like credit from a different department, you will need to follow their process. If you are hoping a course will transfer as your Humanities elective, indicate ‘Humanities’ under UBC Course Number.

Travel Expense Claim Form Application Current Students and Faculty and Staff

Travel Expense Claim Form requires prospectus or program information, indicating the dates of conferences and workshops; details of daily claims for expenditures along with receipts.

Undergraduate Lab Equipment Request Form Application Faculty and Staff

Form is required to request new undergraduate lab equipment or additional equipment for existing labs.