Standing Deferred Final Examination Request

Form Type: Application
Form For: Current Students


If students have missed a final examination because of a medical condition or some unforeseen circumstance, they must submit this request within 48 hours of the missed examination and must include appropriate documentation to support the request.

Religious observance may preclude attending classes or examination at certain times. In accordance with UBC Policy 65, students who wish to be accommodated for religious reasons must notify their instructors in writing at least two weeks in advance, and preferably earlier.

Students having two exams scheduled at the same time or 3 exams scheduled within a 24 hour period should also complete this request for an out-of-time final examination.

This form was previously called the Out of Time Final Examination Request form.

Further Information:

Prior to submitting request, please confirm eligibility by reviewing the UBC Okanagan School of Engineering’s policies.


Form can be accessed here: Standing Deferred Final Examination Request Form