Letter of Permission Application

Form Type: Application
Form For: Current Students


Application for students wishing to acquire credit for courses at institutions other than UBC Okanagan.

Please submit a minimum of ONE MONTH before you need to register in the desired class.

In order for the School of Engineering to review course equivalency, student must include a course syllabus, not just a course description. These can be found on the host institution website or by contacting them directly.

Letter of Permissions (LOPs) are only allowed for courses deemed by the school to be equivalent to first year Applied Science, Humanities elective courses, lower-level (100- or 200-level) Minor courses, or first 100- or 200-level courses in COSC from transferable, accredited post-secondary institutions within Canada.

A maximum of nine credits may be taken outside of UBC through LOPs.

Further Information:

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