Faculty Mentoring Program

The School of Engineering is committed to the success of our faculty. One mechanism to promote faculty success is to provide a mentoring program. Although mentoring is often thought of as pairing a junior and a senior faculty, we recognize that mentoring should be much more than this.

faculty mentoring RESOURCES


Learn about the roles and responsibilities of all School of Engineering faculty and staff by following the link below.


Quarterly Reports

Quarterly reports serve as a mechanism to bring you up to speed on the latest news along with efficiency tips and tricks.



Looking for a particular form? Identify and learn more about the key forms applicable to faculty and staff.


Leadership Organizational Chart

High-level overview of the leadership structure at the School of Engineering on the Okanagan campus of UBC.


Proposal Form

Quick link to the Curriculum Proposal Form enabling faculty to proposal curriculum changes that will be forwarded to administration and Senate.

Curriculum Proposal

Syllabus Template

Quick link to the course syllabus template.  The template provides guidelines to ensure individual syllabus meet UBC requirements and standards.

Syllabus template