Advanced Materials & Manufacturing

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing encompasses building materials, composites, electronic materials, material characterization and material processing.

Research Themes

Fabrication of light materials (Al and Mg alloys, fiber-reinforced polymers) for transportation and energy sectors. Combining multi-scale modelling with laboratory experiments, advanced characterization techniques and manufacturing laboratories to improve composites, enhance the performance of high-temperature ceramics and the next generation of ultralight metal alloys.

Composite materials are changing the way advanced products are designed enabling faster, stronger, and cheaper materials. Research in the areas of aerospace, automotive, marine, and construction are taking investigating these materials to develop further efficiencies while eliminating defects and product failures

Core research activities and industry-driven projects in multi-disciplinary and multi-objective optimization of engineering products and processes. Simulation-based design, engineering multi-attribute decision making, machine learning, artificial intelligence, design of experiments, and robust product design are among main research areas under this theme.

Fabrication of diverse materials, as well as development of their optimal processing technologies. Developing semiconductors and modern materials, microsystems and microelectronics, and wireless technologies. Exploring the characterization, processing, and use in design of metallic and non-metallic materials.

Experimental research on metalcasting, sintering, composite fabrication, additive manufacturing and polymer-processing for wide industrial applications such as automotive, energy, biomedical, composite, aerospace and electronics industries is being carried out. This research is complemented with robust computer modelling and simulation, as well as process and materials characterization capabilities.

Enhancing the seismic performance of new and existing structures by investigating new design procedures and using innovative retrofit materials (base isolation, composites, shape memory alloy). Investigating the rehabilitation of damaged structures and seismic risk analysis.

Faculty Researchers

Ali Akbarishehat – Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Synthesizing graphene and graphene oxide to developcconductive polymer-based biosensing nanocomposites. Also, graphene quantum dots and cellulose synthesis

Mohammad Arjmand – Assistant Professor
Processing, molding and characterization of multifunctional polymeric nanocomposites with a variety of properties including electrical, gas sensing, thermal, mechanical, optical and thermoelectric.

Ehsan Ebrahimnia Bajestan – Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Experimental and numerical analysis of nanotechnology and microfluidics in the fields of thermal management of systems, sensors, biomechanics, and renewable energy

Lukas Bichler – Associate Professor
Development of new materials and processing methods; recycling of manufacturing by-products.

Kevin Golovin – Assistant Professor
Advanced manufacturing related to the aerospace industry including coatings, 3D printing and fibre composites.

Seyyedarash Haddadi – Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Development and characterization of auxetic polymers and shear thickening fluids, polymer processing, advanced nanocomposites and corrosion science.

Roozbeh Hajiraissi – Post Doctoral Fellow
Exploring phenomenological rheology, polymer processing, and interface.

Huibing He – Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Advanced materials for Li-ion batteries and next-generation batteries.

Ali Khosrozadeh – Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Electrode materials for electrochemical energy storage devices

Abbas Milani – Professor
Advanced modeling, simulation, and multi-criteria design optimization of composite materials, structures and manufacturing processes.

Homayoun Najjaran – Professor
Mechatronics and control systems with applications in robotics, industrial automation and unmanned systems.

Ambreen Nisar – Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Using natural, plant-based precursors to achieve oil-repellency; and developing durable oil-repellent textile finishes that do not utilize perfluorinated compounds utilizing nano particles.

Dimitry Sediako – Associate Professor
Advanced modeling, simulation, and multi-criteria design optimization of composite materials, structures and manufacturing processes.

Xiaoxiao Zhao – Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Surface modification and on the development of superhydrophobic materials. Developing liquid-repellent paper to replace traditional plastic membranes.