Health Technologies

Health Technologies encompasses biomaterials, biomechanics, disease detection, health monitoring, and medical devices.

Research Themes

Biofabrication systems are being developed encompassing research areas in bioprinting, microfabrication, hydrogel biomaterials, and tissue engineering to generate artificial tissues.

Design and development of a new generation of prosthetic heart valves made of hybrid biomaterials (hydrogels-based biomaterials) towards the advancement of minimally invasive therapies. Developing treatments to minimize invasive therapies and provide “less” surgical tissue repair.

Investigating forces and factors influencing the human microbiome, how microorganisms interact with their environment, with each other, and with their host. Translation of basic microbiome discoveries into applications ranging from bioengineering and biomaterials to medicine.

Signal processing and nformation fusion for health monitoring and diagnosis. Flexible sensing for eHealth systems and electronic health record systems.

Technology that enables drug and disease detection, lab-on-chip, non-invasive blood pressure measurement sensing and proton exchange membrane methanol fuel cells. Further, researchers are investigating wearable microfluidic devices for prognostics and diagnostics.

Faculty Researchers

Christopher Collier – Assistant Professor
Drug and disease detection, lab-on-chip devices and proton exchange membrane methanol fuel cells. Rapid cancer cell detection. Biosensor for detection of biomarkers on lab-on-chip platforms.

Ian Foulds – Assistant Professor
Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), microfluidics and microfabrication to discover new ways to increase outputs through parallel packaging of MEMS. Wirelessly powered / controlled implantable drug delivery system.

Chen Feng – Assistant Professor
Information and coding theory, big data and blockchains. Adapting new ideas and tools from information theory, coding theory, stochastic processes, and optimization to design better networking systems

Thomas Johnson – Associate Professor
Non-invasive blood pressure measurement sensing methods and wireless power circuits for embedded sensors. focus on solving applied problems in the area of radio frequency (RF) and microwave circuits and systems.

Zheng Liu – Associate Professor
Flexible sensing for eHealth system, electronic health record systems, signal processing and information fusion for health monitoring and diagnosis.

Hadi Mohammadi – Assistant Professor
Cardiovascular engineering / technology, and cellular / molecular biomechanics. Next generation of cardiovascular devices (prosthetic heart valves, etc).

Sepideh Pakpour – Assistant Professor
Engineering the human microbiome, advanced statistical methods for analysis of big data and decision-making in health sciences.