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We value our faculty and staff members and are always looking for talented people to join our thriving team. Excellent benefits, diverse career opportunities, and a true community spirit are just some of the reasons you should consider joining our team of talented, dynamic faculty and staff. For a full list of current openings, visit UBC’s Staff & Faculty Careers page.

CURRENT faculty postings

Full/Associate Professor (tenure) Tier 1 Canada Research Chair (NSERC) in DNA Nanotechnology

Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Disaster Resiliency


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Staff Postings

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Undergraduate & Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Masters students have two years of priority for placement; Doctoral students have four years of priority placement. The list of courses and number of available positions is contingent on School of Engineering budget and undergraduate student registration.

Teaching Assistant duties include the following:

  • Marking assignments and exams
  • Teaching tutorials and/or labs under supervision of faculty
  • Invigilation duties


  • Must be a registered full-time student at UBC Okanagan
  • Must possess necessary educational qualifications
  • Priority is given to graduate students in Engineering


  • Undergrad (UTA) – $18.68 per hour
  • PhD (GTA 1) – $35.41 per hour
  • MASc (GTA 2) – $34.11 per hour

Positions Available (click on the course to see the detailed posting):

APSC 169 – Fundamentals of Sustainable Engineering Design, APSC 171 – Engineering Drawing and CAD/CAM, APSC 172 – Engineering Analysis, APSC 173 – Engineering Analysis II, APSC 176 – Engineering Communication, APSC 177 – Engineering Computation and Instrumentation, APSC 178 – Electricity, Magnetism, and Waves, APSC 179 – Linear Algebra for Engineers, APSC 180 – Statics, APSC 181 Dyanmics, APSC 182 – Matter and Energy I, APSC 183 – Matter and Energy II, APSC 201 – Technical Communication, APSC 246 – System Dynamics, APSC 248 – Engineering Analysis III, APSC 252 – Thermodynamics, APSC 253 – Fluid Mechanics I, APSC 254 – Instrumentation and Data Analysis, APSC 255 101 – Electric Circuits and Power, APSC 256 – Numerical Methods for Analysis, APSC 258 – Applications of Engineering Design, APSC 259 – Materials Science I, APSC 260 – Mechanics of Materials I, APSC 261 – Theory of Structures, APSC 262 – Technology and Society II, ENGR 303 – Engineering Project Management, ENGR 305 – Engineering Economic Analysis, ENGR 310 – Fluid Mechanics II, ENGR 315 – Systems and Control, ENGR 320 : Electromechanical Devices, ENGR 325 Civil Engineering Materials, ENGR 327 Reinforced Concrete Design I, ENGR 330 Reliability and Risk Analysis for Civil Engineering, ENGR 331 Infrastructure Management I, ENGR 332 Surveying and GIS Analysis, ENGR 335 Transportation Engineering, ENGR 340 Soil Mechanics, ENGR 341 Engineering Hydrology, ENGR 342 Open Channel Flow, ENGR 347 Environmental Engineering, ENGR 350 Linear Circuit Theory, ENGR 351 Microelectronics I, ENGR 353 Semiconductor Devices, ENGR 359 Microcomputer Engineering, ENGR 360 Engineering Probability and Statistics, ENGR 361 Signals and Communication Systems, ENGR 362 Digital Signal Processing I, ENGR 365 Engineering Electromagnetics, ENGR 375 Energy System Design, ENGR 376 Materials Science II, ENGR 377 Manufacturing Processes, ENGR 380 Design of Machine Elements, ENGR 381  Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery, ENGR 385 Heat Transfer Applications, ENGR 387 Vibration of Mechanical Systems, ENGR 401 Bioinstrumentation, ENGR 402 Biotechnology, ENGR 406 Microelectromechanical Systems, ENGR 411 Technology Entrepreneurship for Engineers, ENGR 413 Law and Ethics for Engineers, ENGR 416 CAD/CAM/CAE, ENGR 417  Pipeline Integrity Management, ENGR 418 Applied Machine Learning for Engineers, ENGR 420 Fundamentals of Healthy Buildings, ENGR 423 Wearable Devices, ENGR 424 Smart Cities, ENGR 426 Analysis of Indeterminate Structures, ENGR 427 Reinforced Concrete Design II, ENGR 428 Earthquake Engineering, ENGR 429 Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures, ENGR 430 System-Based Design and Construction, ENGR 432 Infrastructure Management II, ENGR 433 Construction Engineering and Management, ENGR 435 Transportation Systems Engineering, ENGR 436 Transportation Planning, ENGR 437 Railway Systems Engineering, ENGR 438 Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, ENGR 439 Advanced Manufacturing, ENGR 440 Foundation Engineering, ENGR 441 Advanced Water Treatment Processes, ENGR 442 Water Quality Engineering, ENGR 443 Environmental Engineering Laboratory, ENGR 444 Solid Waste Engineering, ENGR 445 Design of Water and Wastewater Conveyance Systems, ENGR 446 Biological Treatment Processes, ENGR 447 Design of Processes for Water and Wastewater Treatment, ENGR 450 Clinical Engineering, ENGR 451 Microelectronics II, ENGR 453 Internet of Things, ENGR 454 Motor Drive Systems, ENGR 455  Power System Analysis and Design, ENGR 456 Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems, ENGR 458 Power Electronics, ENGR 461 Digital Communications, ENGR 463 Communication Networks, ENGR 464 Distributed Ledger Technologies with Engineering Applications, ENGR 466 Introduction to VLSI Systems, ENGR 467 Real-Time and Embedded System Design, ENGR 468 Advanced Digital System Design, ENGR 469 Polymer Engineering, ENGR 470 Microwave Engineering, ENGR 471 Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits, ENGR 472 Fibre Optics and Photonics, ENGR 473 Antennas and Propagation, ENGR 474 Analog Integrated Circuits, ENGR 475 Materials Selection and Design, ENGR 476 Mechanics of Materials II, ENGR 478 Alternative Energy Systems, ENGR 479 Measurement Principles in Thermal-Fluids, ENGR 480 Modern Control, ENGR 481 Mechatronics, ENGR 482 Biomedical Engineering I, ENGR 483 Advanced Vibrations: Simulation and Optimization, ENGR 484 Heat and Mass Transfer, ENGR 485 Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning, ENGR 486 Robot Modelling and Control, ENGR 487 Digital Control, ENGR 489 Multicriteria Optimization and Design of Experiments, ENGR 490 Fluid Machinery, ENGR 491 Computational Fluid Dynamics, ENGR 492 Finite Element Methods, ENGR 493 Introduction to Aerodynamics and Aircraft Design, ENGR 494 Autonomous Vehicle Technology, ENGR 497 Combustion Processes, MANF 230 Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory, MANF 270 Production Systems Management I, MANF 330 Manufacturing Engineering Project I, MANF 368 Engineering Measurements and Instrumentation, MANF 370 Production Systems Management II, MANF 386 Industrial Automation, MANF 430 Manufacturing Capstone Design Project, MANF 450  Life Cycle Analysis and Sustainability, MANF 455 Factory Planning, MANF 460 Supply Chain Tactics and Strategies, MANF 465 Digital Enterprise, MANF 470 Production Systems Management III, MANF 475 Welding and Joining: Processes and Metallurgy, MANF 486 Mechatronic Systems Laboratory


The application deadline for Teaching Assistant positions for 2022 Winter Terms 1 & 2 is April 30, 2022.

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