Late Withdrawal Request

Form Type: Application
Form For: Current Students


This form is for undergraduate Engineering students who missed the Withdrawal deadline under circumstances that constitute grounds as outlined in the UBC Academic Concession policy. Students under such circumstances may be eligible for a Late Withdrawal (with a “W” Standing) from one or more of their courses.

Further Information:

Late Withdrawal Request

Withdrawal deadline

UBC Academic Concession policy

​​When determining whether to grant an academic concession, including a Late Withdrawal, one or more of the following considerations generally apply:

  • the nature and duration of the issue affecting the student;
  • confidential consultation with other appropriate units that can provide applicable professional opinions on the student’s situation;
  • the scope and type of academic work affected;
  • the proportion of prescribed academic work having been completed at the point in the term or program when academic work is affected; and,
  • the student’s achievements in the course or program to date.

“Late withdrawal from one or more courses may be granted by the student’s Dean [or Director], but not by an instructor. A student may be granted withdrawal from a course after the withdrawal deadline (with “W” standing) when the student has not met course requirements during the term but has valid grounds for academic concession that address the reasons for the lack of demonstrated achievement. A student will not normally be granted late withdrawal if the final examination has been sat or final assignment completed. A “W” standing will normally be placed on the student’s transcript when a late withdrawal is granted … Where a student is the subject of academic discipline proceedings, withdrawal is not an available concession in the course in which the matter of discipline is being considered.” – Section 10-b of the UBC Academic Concession policy.

A Late Withdrawal will only be considered if a student has valid grounds for academic concession that address the reasons for the lack of demonstrated achievement, as outlined in the UBC Academic Concession policy.
Academic concession requests may be denied on the following grounds:

  • a student has made repeated requests for academic concessions.
  • there is an ongoing investigation of academic misconduct.
  • a student has a history of academic misconduct.
  • a student has already written the final exam.
  • if required, a student has not provided supporting documentation to substantiate the request in a timely manner.

Before submitting this form, you are expected to:

  • Review UBC Okanagan’s policy on Academic Concession
  • Ensure the reasons for requesting academic concession are aligned with the grounds in the academic concession policy:
  • Ensure that you understand the many possible implications of a Late Withdrawal on your year level promotion and registration. For example, if you have been withdrawn from a course in Term 1 that is a pre-requisite for another course in Term 2, you may be unable to take subsequent course. If you are unsure, meet with an Engineering Advisor.
  • Uderstand that if you are on a Student Loan and/or have a scholarship/award, this withdrawal may affect your Student Loan / Financial Awards standing.  Please contact UBC Student Finance and Awards for further information.


  • Use this form only if you are unable to withdraw through the Student Service Centre
  • Allow 3-6 business days for processing

Note that a copy of your request may be forwarded to your course instructor for verification and feedback. You can expect to receive a decision from SOE Academic Services within 15 business days. In the meantime, please monitor your email, as the SOE Academic Services office may be in touch with you to ask for additional information, clarification, or supporting documentation.

If you want to discuss if you are eligible for an academic concession, meet with an Engineering Advisor.