One response to “Patentable ideas highlight Capstone 2018”

  1. Val and Blago Sr. Hristovski

    We were very impressed with the Engineering students and their Capstone projects and initiatives for 2017/18 that they took on with such professionalism and dedication. We enjoyed listening and watching their presentations yesterday and want to congratulate each and every student for their hard work and enthusiasm, not just yesterday, but the entire school year. Their attitude to push forward, their countless hours of research and application to create their projects and the support of faculty members demonstrate the commitment and reputation of UBC Okanagan. Congratulations! Keep up the hard and dedicated work!! And next year hope you move back to the EME Building for the Showcase!!! One of the goals of Capstone is to attract and “showcase” year four of Engineering to the first, second and third year students. I’m sure holding the showcase off campus restricted that goal. Good luck next year and in the future!

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