School of Engineering Unveils 2019 Student Ambassadors

The School of Engineering is thrilled to announce its 2019 Student Ambassador Team.  This group of enthusiastic current students from each program discipline help provide prospective and current students a personal and informative connection to UBC Okanagan Engineering.

The ambassadors represent UBC and the School of Engineering at outreach and community events while coordinating activities and workshops.  Equally as important, the student ambassadors are providing mentorship to their peers both in person and through social media channels.


Von Acosta, 2nd year Mechanical

To promote engineering and STEM programs to future prospects who are considering taking this career.

Aliyah Ayorinde, 2nd year Electrical

This year I really wanted to focus on engaging with my community, and what better way than to be an ambassador for it? I’m really looking forward to representing the School of Engineering, and I hope that I can express some of the more unexpected sides of the discipline.

Rhianna Dunlop, 3rd year Mechanical

To highlight my experiences in engineering with those considering entering into an engineering program!

Owais Hashmi, 4th year Mechanical

Desire to share experiences with others and gain new experiences myself

Nicole Keeler, 2nd year Civil

I wanted to be a SOE Student Ambassador to provide a link between new students and the School of Engineering

Tuguldur Ulziidelger, 2nd year Electrical

I know that Student Ambassadors can be tremendously helpful to current and prospective students. At the same time, the experience and perspective that this position can offer to me was very valuable.

Haytham Zhang, 2nd year Civil

To showcase how exciting and fun engineering Is to the community and it really can be a program for everyone






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