7 responses to “Engineering in a virtual space”

  1. tanvir takib

    All the very best my friend. Best wishes from Bangladesh. Whenever I think of you it reminds me over and over again that there is no dreams that can not be fulfilled.

  2. Muyeed Hasan

    wow! Proud of you,,
    Wishing the very bests for the upcoming endeavors,,

    Keep us posted!

  3. Harunur


  4. Cadet Ahsan

    we are proud of you brother….
    I hope our juniors will follow your footsteps to excell everywhere…


  5. Shahin Al Sakib

    I am amazed to hear about you dear friend Ishraq…Mesmerising!!! Keep up with the good spirits always..May Almighty bless you always

  6. Shams

    Assalamualikum Dear Ishrak. Thanks for fwd your innovative Article. Your dynamism and drive will take you far ahead. We wish your success in future. Best wishes always Shams

  7. MD Fahim islam


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