Faculty Mentoring Program

The School of Engineering is committed to the success of our faculty. One mechanism to promote faculty success is to provide a mentoring program.

Why Participate in Faculty Mentoring?

Although mentoring is often thought of as pairing a junior and a senior faculty, we acknowledge that mentoring should be much more than this. Each person has their own expertise and can contribute to the growth of many others through opportunities to share that expertise. So rather than relying only on one-on-one mentoring, activities we are organizing both formal and informal group activities targeting specific areas of faculty development. We encourage all new faculty to attend these activities, and to participate in the program by sharing their needs and questions through this web site.

We also encourage new faculty to speak to their colleagues, personal connections are very important to your career and we were all new once ourselves. Don’t hesitate to ask a colleague if they want to have a chat over coffee or at lunch.


Centre for Teaching and Learning – Peer Mentoring Program for Faculty – contact Heather Bradshaw  heather.bradshaw@ubc.ca

If you have suggestions or comments please email soe.mentor@ubc.ca.

Documentation and additional materials related to the School of Engineering Faculty Mentoring Program will be available shortly.

Connect with Alon Eisenstein for further details:


October 31st Ray Taheri TBA
November 28th Wayne Chang (UWaterloo) The SLICC experiential learning model
January 30th Hassan Iqbal Lean practices in lab management
February 27th Dean Richert Embedding micro-credentials into the engineering curriculum
March 27th Jonathan Verrett (UBCV) TBA
April 24th Will Hughes TBA


Special Speakers Series: Restorative Justice

Dr. Brenda Morrison of SFU discusses restorative justice approaches as they relate to student misconduct.

Watch the presentation

Want to know how supervisors from different universities mentor students?

Recent study examines the experiences of 21 doctoral supervisors of highly ranked programs at USA.