One response to “New student design club seeks out sustainable solutions”

  1. Carmen Denby

    So great to find this group! I am the coordinator of Kelowna’s Sustainable Development Challenge, a youth platform focused on impacting the Global Goals. You can read about our work here: I have a high school student who wants to do a presentation on ECO Bricks. This is a low tech answer to the excess plastics problem in our environment and a way to responsibly utilize its benefits. Our student wants to educate people on how to make the bricks and then she needs a good building blueprint for a bench or other useable or sellable item that can be made sustainably. Many people internationally have made things with the ebricks using cob or adobe etc. Her focus is on teaching people about plastic waste, showing them how to make the bricks and bringing the community together to create with them. The engineering part of what to make, and how to implement the bottle bricks into a viable product using a green compound is where we need help! Think like a spaghetti bridge building competition in your dept. except with eco bricks! If you would like to discuss this more then please contact me asap!

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