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UBC Academic Calendar - Bachelor of Applied Science

The first- and second-year curriculum is common to all three School of Engineering programs and lays the foundation for engineering skills with integrated and project-based learning.

Applied Science First Year Advising Guide

The third- and fourth-year programs continue to integrate project-based learning through civil engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering projects and coursework.

Detailed course information for progression through all years can be found in the Academic Calendar.

For further Academic Advising information, please email Engineering Academic Advising at, and allow for 3-5 business days response time during peak times (registration, first weeks of term, etc.).

Approved Humanities topics for Engineering students:

  • Anthropology
  • Art History
  • Cultural Studies
  • Economics
  • English (not ENGL 112)
  • Geography 128 or 129
  • History
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Philosophy (not PHIL 120 or 125)
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

Fourth Year Advising Sheets
4th Year Civil Advising Sheet
4th Year Electrical Advising Sheet
4th Year Mechanical Advising Sheet

COSC and MGMT Minor Applications
COSC Minor Application
MGMT Minor Application

Co-Requisite Waiver Request Form
Students submitting a Co-Requisite Waiver Request must meet the following requirement:
1. If offered in the same term, students can request to take both the prerequisite course and the desired course concurrently, provided they have an overall average of at least 70%.

Enrollment of Undergraduate in Graduate Course
General Expense Claim Form
IURA - Award Information
IURA - Award Application Form
Late Withdrawal Request Form
Letter of Permission
Out-of-Time Final Exam Request Form
Prerequisite Waiver Request Form
Students submitting a Prerequisite Waiver Request must meet the following requirements:
1. Students must have an overall average of at least 55%, have taken the prerequisite course, and obtained 45% in the prerequisite course to be considered for a prerequisite waiver.
2. Students requesting access to courses for which they do not meet the year level may be considered if they have an average of 70% or above.

Request to View Marked Examinations
Scholarship Supplementary Information Form
Transfer Credit Application Form
Travel Expense Claim Form
Website Story Submission Form


Academic Calendar
Applied Science Second-year Transfer - UBC Vancouver
Engineering Co-op Education
NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA)
Professional Activities Fund
Specialization Placement Form

Graduate Studies

For graduate studies course offerings in the upcoming semester:
Unofficial listings of engineering graduate studies courses

For the following, please consult the Student Service Centre:
Financial Status
Course Registration
Current Student Verification Letter
Tuition Fee Amounts and Summary

For the following, please contact your supervisor:
Course Selection and Advising
Credit Transfer Requests
Desk and Lab Space
Equipment and/or Software Requests
Novell Access
Print Access

For the following, please contact Shannon Hohl:
Add/Change Supervisor and/or Committee Member
Candidacy Exam Scheduling
Course Audit Requests
Course Registration Issues
General Graduate Student Related Questions
Leave of Absence
Masters and PhD Defense Scheduling
Permanent Residency Letters
Program Completion Procedures
Registration in UBC Vancouver courses
Transfer Between School of Engineering Programs
Tuition Deferral

For the following, please contact Angela Perry:
Financial Letter
RA Payment and Payroll Issues (please check your paystub first)

For the following, please consult the College of Graduate Studies (COGS):
Annual Progress Report Forms and Information
Graduation Application and Questions
University Graduate Fellowship information
Scholarship and Award Opportunities
Western Dean's Agreement

For the following, please contact International Programs and Services:
Study Permit information

Engineering Graduate Students Society
The Engineering Graduate Students Society (EGSS) is for the engineering graduate students enrolled in PhD, MASc, and MEng programs on UBC's Okanagan campus.

Join the EGSS Facebook group simply by sending them an email.

Annual Engineering Graduate Symposium
The Annual Engineering Graduate Symposium is held in June of each year. Attending graduate students are given the opportunity to showcase their research in oral presentation or poster format, with both options being judged and prizes awarded. Information regarding the 2016 Symposium will be posted here when available.

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