Start building a strong foundation for your engineering degree by participating in the free, non-credit Summer Transition to Engineering Bridge Program starting July 19, 2021.  Enroll in courses presented by School of Engineering faculty designed to prepare students for Term 1 and Term 2 of first year engineering at UBC Okanagan. The courses are provided in a flexible and modular online platform, and students can complete the course content at their own pace.

The courses will include introductory university math, engineering design and ethics, physics (statics and pre-electromagnetics), pre-chemistry, and coding with a focus on engineering applications.  Instructors will include award-winning faculty who typically teach first-year courses.

The aim of the program is to provide refreshers and/or reinforce important engineering themes and concepts to enhance the experience of incoming first-year students.

The School of Engineering encourages students entering UBC in September to take these non-credit courses, but enrolment is optional.


Registration closes on the Friday prior to the start of each course.

2021 Course Schedule

Engineering applications of pre-linear algebra

Presented by Mehran Shirazi

Allows students to better understand  linear algebra. Students will investigate applications of linear algebra from ancient times (3500 years ago) until now in genetics and cryptography. In addition, students will learn about the basics of matrix operations.

Introduction to design thinking and ethics of the engineering profession

Presented by Ray Taheri

Offers an exceptional opportunity for students to acquire fundamental skills for a smooth transition to the first-year engineering CAD/CAD course and to comprehend design thinking cycle, and be able to use SolidWorks as a powerful engineering drawing tool. The course will also introduce the fundamentals of engineering ethics (reviewing ethical duties and responsibilities, legal issues and concerns, ethical problems and misconducts, ethical legal battles etc.)

Discover the role coding plays in engineering

Presented by Tyler Ho, School of Engineering’s 2020 Head of Class recipient

Enables first year engineering students, with little or no coding proficiency, to focus on the most important aspects of coding and immediately apply their new coding skills to solve real-world engineering problems.

Engineering applications of pre-calculus

Presented by Dean Richert

Learn how algebra, functions & graphs, trigonometry, exponentials, and logarithms are used to solve problems across many engineering disciplines.

Introduction to basic concepts of statics and engineering application statics

Presented by Ray Taheri

Offers a comprehensive overview of fundamental concepts in Statics (as a distinct discipline of Physics), including Vectors, Cartesian Coordinates, Equation of Equilibrium, Significant Figures, and Dry Friction.

Review of important mathematical concepts required for students to have success in APSC 178 Electricity, Magnetism, and Waves.

Presented by Loïc Markley

In three short modules, you will review vector fundamentals, 2D coordinate representations, 3D coordinate systems, vector representations of rotational quantities, and calculus fundamentals from the perspective of infinitesimals.

The two additional short courses pre-electromagnetics and pre-chemistry will be offered during the winter break in December to prepare students for Term 2 courses of first year engineering at UBC Okanagan.