UBC Okanagan engineering students have solved the problem that took several lives and cost Canadian charities thousands of dollars of lost income. This time last year, charities across Canada pulled their clothing donation bins off the street after a number of people had climbed inside the bins and died. “When this last death happened in […]

New research from UBC’s Okanagan campus has developed a innovative model to map the impact of trauma on a pregnant woman and her uterus if she were involved in an accident—with the hopes of making everything from airbags to seatbelts safer for all.

With many of the products we use every day held together by adhesives, researchers from UBC’s Okanagan Campus and the University of Victoria hope to make everything from clothing to medical implants and residential plumbing stronger and more corrosion-resistant thanks to a newly-developed ‘hyper glue’ formula.

Planets, poverty, peace and powerful batteries. The science and activism behind all of these are tied together this year by the lasting legacy of Alfred Nobel’s annual recognition for game-changes.

Nearly 400 first-year engineering students will unveil their design projects Friday as they wrap up their first semester at UBCO’s School of Engineering.

School of Engineering hosts memorial and vigil for 14 Not Forgotten in the EME on December 6, 2019 at 12pm