UBC researchers have laid the ground-work to improve gas turbine engine design through debunking a 40-year old theory used as a basis of understanding how combustion is calculated.

PhD candidate Levi Bieber develops advanced high-power converter topologies and controls to enable the integration of large-scale renewable energy sources into the AC power grid. 

Milani recognized for his leading research in modeling, simulation, and multicriteria optimization of advanced composite/biocomposite materials and their manufacturing processes.

Get to know the Executive Team of the 2020-21 Engineering Society of UBC Okanagan

New research from UBC Okanagan could allow lettuce farmers to better identify the risk of contamination in irrigation for their crops.

Researchers at UBC’s Okanagan campus have created a custom-built device to assess the inter-ply resistance of peculiarly shaped, laminated fibre composite structures used to manufacture aerospace parts.