The BC Ministry of Health is investing in BC Interior research universities to understand the harmful effects of COVID-19 and mitigate its impact on communities across the province.

UBC Okanagan faculty put their hearts into research and teaching. To mark Valentine’s Day, they are highlighting their expertise on matters of the heart—from what makes it tick to how to keep the emotions pumping.

New research coming out of UBC’s Okanagan campus may take the current ‘gold standard’ for heart valves to a new level of reliability.

‘What goes in, must come out’ is a familiar refrain. It is especially pertinent to the challenges facing UBC researchers who are investigating methods to remove chemicals and pharmaceuticals from public water systems.

A new residential solar energy system atop the VEDA student residences near UBC’s Okanagan campus is being analyzed, and may serve as a real-world lab for UBC researchers.

Class project may change the entire shipping industry A UBCO student project developed a method to make shipping containers immediately identifiable by using artificial intelligence. With hundreds of thousands of packages and shipments crossing the globe, especially during the holiday season, the industry has turned to UBC Okanagan researchers to develop better ways to track […]