Thomas Johnson

Associate Professor

Other Titles: Chair, Electrical Engineering program

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

Radio frequency power amplifiers; RF power sources; Binary time encoders for switch-mode power amplifiers

Courses & Teaching

Microwave Engineering (ENGR 470); Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (ENGR 471/571); Digital Signal Processing (ENGR 362); Linear Circuit Theory (ENGR 350); Electricity and Magnetism (APSC 178); Microelectronics (ENGR 451)


Thomas Johnson joined the School of Engineering at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan in July 2009. He was formerly a Technical Fellow at Pulsewave RF in Austin, Texas where he was collaborating in the research and development of RF switch-mode power amplifiers and nonlinear feedback linearization techniques for wireless infrastructure applications. He received his Ph.D. in 2007 from Simon Fraser University where his research focused on the analysis of power efficiency in RF switch-mode amplifier architectures employing bandpass delta-sigma modulation. Dr Johnson received his MASc in 2001, and contributed to the invention of wideband feedforward linearization techniques, and DSP algorithms for calibrating and adjusting multitap RF equalizers. Prior to graduate studies, he spent twelve years as a technical lead in various companies including ADC Telecommunications, MPR Teltech, and Norsat.


RF and Microwave Technology Laboratory (coming soon)


MASc, PhD (Simon Fraser University)
BASc (The University of British Columbia)
PEng (British Columbia)

Research Interests & Projects

  • High efficiency radio frequency (RF) power amplifier systems
  • RF power sources for wireless, medical and industrial applications
  • RF rectifiers and wireless power
  • Applied electromagnetics
  • Pulse¬†encoders for switch-mode power amplifiers
  • Signal processing for efficiency enhancement and linearization in RF amplifiers
  • Low power RF front ends for remote sensing

Selected Publications & Presentations

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