Richard Klukas

Associate Professor Emeritus


Research Summary

Signal processing for wireless location; Indoor positioning; Wi Fi positioning;
Optical positioning techniques


Professor Richard Klukas has engineering experience in both academic and industrial contexts. Prior to UBC Okanagan, he held faculty positions at the University of Calgary and Okanagan University College. In his teaching experience, Dr. Klukas has taught a wide variety of topics in the areas of physics, geomatics and electrical engineering. He also has industrial experience with Nortel and Cell-Loc Inc., a high-tech company which was started to commercialize his PhD work. During his tenure at Cell-Loc Inc., Dr. Klukas was the Director of Research and the General Manager of the company’s U.S. office in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Klukas has written numerous papers on wireless positioning and holds four patents in that area. He is a registered, professional engineer in British Columbia.


PhD – Geomatics Engineering (University of Calgary)
MSc – Electrical and Computer Engineering (University of Calgary)
BSc – Electrical and Computer Engineering (University of Calgary)

Research Interests & Projects

Location information adds value to a number of systems and services.  Although global navigation satellite systems such as GPS perform well in many circumstances, there are environments and situations in which other technologies may hold an advantage.  Current research focuses on the use of optical, ultrawideband, and WiFi signals and sensors for indoor positioning and navigation.  Investigation of methods for integrating various indoor positioning technologies is also underway. A parallel field of investigation is vehicle to vehicle ranging systems.

Selected Publications & Presentations

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  •  Sadi, F., Klukas, R., Hoskinson, R., Precise Air Time Determination of Athletic Jumps with Low Cost MEMS Inertial Sensors using Multiple Attribute Decision Making, Sports Technology, DOI:10.1080/19346182.2013.817058, Vol. 6, No. 2, 2013, pp. 63-77.
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