Matthew Brown, PhD

(They, Them, Theirs)

Lab Technician

Engineering, School of Engineering
Office: IP1 1033
Phone: 250-807-8365


I did my B.Sc. at in chemistry at McMaster University, then did my Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry at Simon Fraser University, studying f-block metal (uranium and lanthanide) coordination polymers, attempting to make white-light emitters and gas sensors from them. During that time I fell in love with crystallography, which is why I decided to focus on that aspect of my work for my career.


I run and take care of the equipment in the SoE cleantech hub, including the Powder X-Ray Diffractometer and Raman spectrometer. I also help researchers plan experiments and understand their data when needed. During the spring semester I help run the undergrad chemistry labs that the engineering department puts on.


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