Jonathan Holzman


Other Titles: Associate Director – Faculty Affairs
Office: EME4259
Phone: 250.807.8798

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

Photonic device technologies; terahertz technologies; applications to free-space optical (wireless) systems; applications to lab-on-a-chip systems.

Courses & Teaching

Fibre-optics and photonics; micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS); semiconductor devices and electromagnetics.


Dr. Holzman received his Ph.D. from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Alberta in 2003. In 2004-2005, he carried out research in ultrafast all-optical switching as an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow in the High-Speed Electronics and Photonics Group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich, Switzerland. He is now a Professor in the School of Engineering at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus and group leader of the Integrated Optics Laboratory.


The Integrated Optics Laboratory (IOL)


PDF - Electrical Engineering (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich)
PhD - Electrical Engineering (University of Alberta)
BSc - Engineering Physics (University of Alberta)

Research Interests & Projects

Dr. Holzman’s research on integrated optics largely targets the shortcomings of contemporary fibre-optic technologies. The group has developed systems for optical wireless links, to enable high-speed optical communication with wireless connectivity, and they have developed systems for all-optical processing, to overcome the electronic bottlenecks in modern optical networks.

Selected Publications & Presentations

  1. C. H. Brodie, I. Spotts, H. Reguigui, C. A. Leclerc, M. E. Mitchell, J. F. Holzman, and C. M. Collier, “A comprehensive study of 3D printing materials over the terahertz regime: Absorption coefficient and refractive index characterizations,” Optical Materials Express, accepted, 2022.
  2. A. C. MacGillivray, S. Gorgani, I. R. Hristovski, M. F. Jenne, N. I. Lesack, and J. F. Holzman, “A novel hemispherical retro-modulator for free-space optical communication links,” IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 34, pp. 494-497, 2022.
  3. I. R. Hristovski, L. A. Herman, M. E. Mitchell, N. I. Lesack, J. Reich, and J. F. Holzman, “Manifestations of laser-induced graphene under ultraviolet irradiation of polyimide with varied optical fluence,” Nanomaterials, vol. 12, pp. 1241(1-12), 2022.
  4. A. C. MacGillivray, N. I. Lesack, I. R. Hristovski, M. F. Jenne, B. C. Maglio, S. Gorgani, and J. F. Holzman, “Band edge absorption characteristics of semi-insulating indium phosphide under unified Franz-Keldysh and Einstein models,” Physical Review B, vol. 105, pp. 155203(1-8), 2022.
  5. T. M. Westgate, A. B. Boivin, B. W. D. Veerman, B. Born, G. Todd, and J. F. Holzman, “A corner-cube-cell solar array for improved capture of optical power and increased generation of electrical power,” IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, vol. 12, pp. 344-352, 2022.
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Additional publications

Selected Grants & Awards

Dr. Jonathan Holzman received the 2017 Engineers Canada Medal for Distinction in Engineering Education, the 2017 Natural Sciences and Engineering Researcher of the Year Award at UBC’s Okanagan Campus, and the 2016 APEGBC President’s Teaching Award for Excellence in Engineering & Geoscience Education.



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