Ayman Elnaggar

Associate Professor of Teaching

Electrical, Engineering, School of Engineering
Other Titles: Coordinator of Mechatronics Engineering
Office: EME4261
Email: ayman.elnaggar@ubc.ca

Research Summary

Engineering Education:
Conducting fundamental research on engineering education and bridging research and practice; Identifying the reasons why effective practices work; Assessing how students learn, and moving those findings into the classrooms of tomorrow's engineers; Mental Health and Well-being of students.

Courses & Teaching

Real-Time Embedded Systems Design; Advanced Digital Systems Design; Microcomputer Engineering (Embedded Systems & Microprocessor Interfacing); Digital Logic Design; Electric Circuits & Power; Numerical Methods for Engineers.


Professor Elnaggar has more than 30 years of industrial and academic experience locally and internationally. He received his PhD from UBC in 1997. He has an impressive industrial and professorship career by working in leading computer, telecom, and semiconductors companies such as IBM, Northern Telecom, and PMC-Sierra (is now Microsemi corp.), and in different universities in the Middle East. He was promoted to the full professor rank in computer engineering in 2009. In 2014, Professor Elnaggar started his new tenure track career in engineering education with UBC Okanagan. He has developed and taught many undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the areas of Embedded and Digital System Designs, Computer Architecture and Organization, and Computer Networks. He has coordinated many University/Academic programs of leading technology providers and industries such as ARM University, Intel Embedded, Cisco Academy, Altera University (is now Intel FPGAs), and Xilinx University Programs. He has proven records of engaging industries in the development and the delivery of his courses.

He is the founder of the Mechatronics Engineering Option at the School of Engineering (established in 2017). Since then he has been coordinating the Option’s activities with different stakeholders.

Professor Elnaggar is very innovative in his community services and outreach activities. He was the lead person to establish the Dual-Credit Program at UBC and at the School of Engineering in collaboration with School District 23. He has developed and proposed many initiatives that improved students’ mental health and wellbeing such as coordinating midterm exams at the school of engineering. In 2018, he advocated, lobbied, and lead the development of the proposal to introduce a “Fall Reading Week” to UBC community. His proposal has been recognized by the Senate Curriculum Committees on both campuses as well as by the Provost office at UBCO. The proposal was recently approved by the Senates on both campus and fall reading week will be launched at UBC starting Fall 2021.

Professor Elnaggar is also the team lead and the recipient of last year prestigious $100,000 Aspire Learning Transformations (ALT-2040) Fund from the Provost office to lead the development of innovative flexible learning modules for Micro-credentials and industry certifications at the school of engineering.

His current research interests are in engineering education.


PhD – Computer Engineering (UBC, Vancouver)
BSc – Communications & Electronics Engineering (Cairo University)

Selected Publications & Presentations

  1. Ayman Elnaggar & Megan Lochhead, “Towards a Fall Wellbeing Week at UBC,” 2019 Canadian Engineering Education Association (CEEA-ACEG19) Conference, University of Ottawa; June 9-12, 2019.
  2. Ayman Elnaggar, “Industry-University Collaboration in Course Development and Delivery: A Case Study at the School of Engineering, UBC,” 14th Annual Learning Conference, UBC, May 2-3, 2018.
  3. Claire Yan, Ayman Elnaggar, “Using Formative Feedback to Encourage Student Engagement in Engineering Classes,” 13th Annual Learning Conference, UBC, May 3-4, 2017.
  4. Jannik Eikenaar, Ayman Elnaggar, and Megan Lochhead, Coordinating Assessments at the School of Engineering, 13th Annual Learning Conference, UBC, May 3-4, 2017.
  5. Ayman Elnaggar, “Improving Math Skills for First Year Students,” 11th Annual Learning Conference, UBC, 2015.

Selected Grants & Awards

– Outstanding Service Award, School of Engineering, UBC, (2019)
– Pioneer Award for Excellence in Teaching, School of Engineering, UBC, (2018)
– Educational Leadership Award, School of Engineering, UBC, (2018)
– Outstanding Service Award, School of Engineering, UBC, (2017)



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