Aria Fani, MASc

(He, Him, His)

Lab Tech V

Electrical, Engineering, School of Engineering
Office: EME 0211A-2
Phone: 250-807-8231



Electrical Engineering & Electronics Technology

  • Implemented, and developed test procedures in hardware and software for various electronics or electrical systems including RF based products.
  • Analyzed, and troubleshooted defective electrical or electronics PCBs.
  • Calibrated, monitored, and upgraded electrical or electronics laboratory testing apparatus including fabricating various test fixtures.
  • Soldered and de-soldered variety of electronics components (SMT and Through-hole).
  • Repaired, and maintained telecommunications products related to VHF, UHF, or SHF systems including fiber-optic communications infrastructure.
  • Designed, and manufactured electronics prototypes for different applications.
  • Installed and upgraded electrical panels including three phase outlets.
  • Executed experiments for process and product development.
  • Provided technical support in electronics manufacturing test areas.
  • Directed, supervised, and trained faculty, staff, and students.
  • Consulted with clients, and created solutions for their technical challenges.
  • Lead, and implemented lean efficiency standards in order to achieve fiscal goals and meet deadlines.

Computers & Networks

  • Coded in C, C++, SQL, Visual Basics, Verilog-HDL, and Java.
  • Wrote machine language code for assembly language development systems.
  • Developed and maintained  WAN/LAN networks.
  • Operated, and programmed with the latest softwares: MATLAB, Simulink, LabVIEW, Equation Solvers, Access, Outlook, Linux, AutoCAD, Excel, PowerWorld, PSIM, ModelSim, PSCAD, Solid Works, Altium, and SPICE.
  • Designed websites, and utilized network equipment including DSLs, Routers, DSUs, firewalls, and Ethernet accessories.


  • Prepared, and presented technical reports and documentations.
  • Ensured compliance with work safety regulations including OHS and WHMIS.
  • Procured and purchased lab equipment and supplies.
  • Developed quality assurance procedures.


Master of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering, UBC

Bachelor of Technology in Electronics Engineering (Power), BCIT

Diploma of Technology in Electronics Engineering (Telecommunications), BCIT


• Preparing and maintaining electrical, electronics, and AMNF laboratories.
• Providing technical support to faculty, staff, and students in various research projects.
• Implementing and developing test procedures in hard ware and software.
• Procuring and purchasing laboratory equipment and accessories.
• Supervising and training personnel to ensure compliance with safety regulations.


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