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Prospective Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Student

The School of Engineering offers three undergraduate engineering programs: Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

The first-year curriculum -- Engineering One -- is common to all three programs and lays engineering skill foundations. The curriculum emphasizes project-based learning, offering first-year students an opportunity to implement engineering design projects. After Engineering One, students can continue at the UBC's Okanagan campus in the second year of the UBC School of Engineering program, Engineering Two, or transfer to the Vancouver campus.

The third- and fourth-year School of Engineering programs continue to integrate project-based learning through civil, electrical and mechanical projects in third-year classes and the ultimate fourth-year capstone design project in collaboration with our industry partners.

Today’s engineers work in teams to solve a vast array of complex problems and must draw upon a set of broad fundamental engineering skills, including communications. The School's goal is to create well-rounded engineers prepared for the realities and demands of the modern workplace. The School of Engineering offers students the opportunity to complete an engineering degree in an intimate and student-centred program of study. Class sizes are small with a high level of student-professor interaction. Smaller class sizes foster better in-class discussions, teamwork, and opportunities for field trips and enhanced laboratory experiences.


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