Dr. Kenneth Chau

Educational Background

  • Postdoctoral – National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • PhD – Electrical Engineering, University of Alberta
  • BSc – Engineering Physics, University of Alberta


Dr. Chau received his PhD from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Alberta in 2007.  From 2008-2009, he conducted research in nanoplasmonics at the Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  He is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus.  Dr. Chau’s teaching interests include calculus (APSC 172), electricity and magnetism (APSC 178), electromagnetics (ENGR 365), and advanced electromagnetics (ENGR 459/559). 

Dr. Chau’s research program lies at the interface of nanotechnology and optics.  His research is driven by two basic questions.  How can nanotechnology be used to better harness and control light?  What new insights can be gained about light-matter interaction by working at the nano-scale?   Ensuing research activities have encompassed the themes of plasmonics, metamaterials, nanophotonics, electrodynamics, green nanotechnology, and smart windows.


Selected Publications

  • Mohammed Al Shakhs, Lucian Augusto, Loic Markley, and Kenneth J. Chau, "Boosting the Transparency of Thin Layers by Coatings of Opposing Susceptibility: How Metals Help See Through Dielectrics," Scientific Reports 6, 20659 (2016).
  • Max Bethune-Waddell and Kenneth J. Chau, "Simulations of Radiation Pressure Experiments Narrow Down the Energy and Momentum of Light in Matter," Reports on Progress in Physics 78, 122401 (25pp) (2015).
  • Ting Xu, Maxim Abashin, Amit Agrawal, Kenneth J. Chau, and Henri J. Lezec, "All-angle negative refraction and active flat lensing of ultraviolet light," Nature 497, 470-474 (2013).
  • R. Mehfuz, F. A. Chowdhury, and K. J. Chau, “Imaging slit-coupled surface plasmon polaritons using conventional optical microscopy," Optics Express 20, 10526-10537 (2012).
  • Kenneth J. Chau and Henri J. Lezec, "Revisiting the Balazs thought experiment in the case of a left-handed material: electromagnetic-pulse-induced displacement of a dispersive, dissipative negative-index slab," Optics Express 20, 10138-10162 (2012). 
  • S. Schaefer, S. A. Boehm, and K. J. Chau, "Automated, Portable, Low-Cost Bright-Field and Fluorescence Microscope with Auto-Focus and Auto-Scanning Capabilities," Applied Optics 51, 2581-2588 (2012).
  • Kenneth J. Chau, "Homogenization of Waveguide-Based Metamaterials by Energy Averaging," Physical Review B 85, 125101 (12pp) (2012). 
  • R. Mehfuz, M. W. Maqsood, and K. J. Chau, "Enhancing the Efficiency of Slit-Coupling to Surface-Plasmon Polaritons via Dispersion Engineering" Optics Express  18, 18206-18216 (2010).
  • K. J. Chau, G. D. Dice, and A. Y. Elezzabi, “Coherent plasmonic enhanced terahertz transmission through random metallic media,” Physical Review Letters 94, 173904 (4pp) (2005).


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Kenneth Chau

Kenneth Chau
Associate Professor

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