Dr. André Phillion


  • PhD – Materials Engineering (The University of British Columbia, 2007)
  • MASc – Metals and Materials Engineering (The University of British Columbia, 2004)  
  • BASc – Materials Science and Engineering (McMaster University, 2002)


Dr. Phillion received his PhD from the Department of Materials Engineering, The University of British Columbia, where he combined high temperature experimental methods with multiscale modelling to investigate solidification processes and defect formation. After completing his PhD research, he spent two years at the LSMX Computational Materials Laboratory, EPF-Lausanne, Switzerland, as an NSERC Post-doctoral fellow. Dr. Phillion has been with the School of Engineering at UBC's Okanagan Campus since January, 2010

Dr. Phillion's research interests are in the areas of advanced solidification processes for light metal alloys, numerical process/microstructure/defect modeling, and microscopy. The main focus of the research has been to investigate the relationships between solidification at the macro-scale with the development of microstructure and defects in order to improve the properties of light metal alloys. This research responds directly to the current critical need for new technologies and novel processing routes to improve mechanical properties, and to reduce processing defects enabling new high-strength/light-weight components to be economically produced. Another area of interest is 3D materials science, which Dr. Phillion introduced to the UBC Okanagan campus community in 2010. The research in this area has included the use of X-ray micro-tomographic imaging and subsequent modeling to characterize 3D aspects of phase morphology, phase selection and defects during solidification, percolation of fibrous papermaking networks, permeability in gas diffusion layers of fuel cells, and structure degradation of lung tissue due to smoking in collaboration with colleagues from Chemical Engineering, Health Sciences, and Earth and Environmental Sciences.

If Dr. Phillion is not in his office or lab, you can generally find him exploring the outdoors, either cycling, skiing, hiking, or sailing. 

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Andre Phillion


Dr. André Phillion
Associate Professor,
School of Engineering
UBC's Okanagan Campus

T: +1 (250) 807-9403
E: andre.phillion@ubc.ca 
A: EME4269
W: spsl.ok.ubc.ca