Brittany Parr

Administrative Assistant

School of Engineering
Office: EME4242A
Phone: 250.807.8689


Administrative Assistant Professional. I have heard that the most important skill for succeeding in this world is creativity, and I have nurtured and cultivated this skill. Creativity is important in innovative research all the way to fine arts and it is something that will continue to push forward positive progress for the university. I also have additional background and training in Early Childhood Education and Development. I have multiple skills including: communication, initiative, adaptability, conflict resolution, and problem solving. I have a passion for history and sociology and I believe looking back on where we have been is important to evaluating where we are going. With this knowledge I believe we can ethically forge forward to a greater future. Also, I believe that youth are not just our future, they are the now, and it is important to consider them where they are at right at this moment, and listen to them. This will provide an appropriate barometer of whether or not what we are doing is working, and we can continue to assess our work from there.


Providing administrative support with regards to student hiring, accounts payable, and general office administration.


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