Alon Eisenstein

Assistant Professor of Teaching

School of Engineering
Other Titles: Technology Entrepreneurship and Professional Development
Office: EME3283
Phone: 250.807.8006

Research Summary

Engineering entrepreneurship education; engineering leadership; professional development; experiential and work-integrated learning pedagogies and assessment methods; entrepreneurial attitude and intentionality.

Courses & Teaching

The Start-Up Experience for Engineers
ENGR542 - Engineering and Society
ENGR410 - Technology Innovation for Engineers
APSC505/ENGR405 - Engineering Leadership
APSC201 - Technical Communication


Alon Eisenstein is an assistant professor of technology, entrepreneurship, and professional development at the University of British Columbia’s School of Engineering on the Okanagan campus. With a background in chemistry, education and entrepreneurship, Dr. Eisenstein champions experiential learning pedagogy to develop professional skills in students, including entrepreneurial, leadership, communication and critical thinking skills, to name a few.

Since joining the School of Engineering, Dr. Eisenstein developed and taught several coursed for both undergraduate and graduate students that expose students to innovation and entrepreneurship through both work-integrated and critical thinking learning experiences. Dr. Eisenstein has also been involved in the inception and launching of the Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Impact program that supports students as they pursue the development of their idea to achieve meaningful societal impact in their communities.

Passionate about science education and outreach, Dr. Eisenstein has been volunteering for over a decade with Pueblo Science, a Toronto-based charity working to advance science education in under-resourced communities in Canada and in the developing world. As part of his role, Dr. Eisenstein has initiated and directed the organization’s week-long science camps, as well as other large public events which aim to engage the general public with science education.


Entrepreneurial Work-Integrated Learning (EWIL)

Alon Eisenstein – Google Scholar Profile


MEd – (Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning) University of Toronto, Canada
PhD – (Chemistry) University of Toronto, Canada
MSc Cum Laude – (Chemistry) Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
BSc Cum Laude – (Chemistry) Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Research Interests & Projects

Dr. Eisenstein develops and studies engineering entrepreneurship education, with particular emphasis on experiential learning theory. Research includes pedagogies, assessment methods, students’ motivations, transferable skills acquisition and mastery, attitudes and intentionality towards entrepreneurship.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Books / Book Chapters

  1. Eisenstein, A., & Raz, N. (2021). Entrepreneurial Work-Integrated Learning. In Applications of Work Integrated Learning Among Gen Z and Y Students (pp. 119-136). IGI Global.


  1. Eisenstein, A., Goh, C., & Istrate, E. (2021). Supervised entrepreneurial work-integrated learning. International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning, Special Issue, 22(3), p. 413-422.
  2. A. Eisenstein, K.R. Harikumar, K. Huang, I. R. McNab, J. C. Polanyi, and A. Zabet-Khosousi. (2012). Pulsed-dosing controls self-assembly: 1-Bromopentane on Si(111)-7X7. Chemical Physics Letters, 527:1-6. DOI:10.1016/j.cplett.2011.12.052
  3. A. Eisenstein, L. Leung, T. Lim, Z. Ning, and J. C. Polanyi. (2012). Reaction dynamics at a metal surface; halogenation of Cu(110). Faraday Discuss.,157: 337-53. DOI:10.1039/c2fd20023f
  4. A. Eisenstein, and M. C. Goh. (2012). Note: A scanning electron microscope sample holder for bidirectional characterization of atomic force microscope probe tips. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 83(3): 036108. DOI:10.1063/1.3698073

Conference Presentations

  1. “Introducing Engineering Students to Communication Practices for Engagement with Indigenous Communities”. IEEE ProComm 2021. Online Conference. (Co-Authored with G. Webb, L. Patterson and J. H. Eikenaar; Presented by G. Webb)
  2. “Entrepreneurial Work-Integrated Learning”. The Canadian Council for Small Business & Entrepreneurship (CCSBE) Conference 2021. Online Conference. (Co-presented with E. Istrate)
  3. “Leadership is Messy”. National Initiative on Capacity Building and Knowledge Creation for Engineering Leadership (NICKEL) VI Conference 2021. Online Conference. (Co-presented with J. H. Eikenaar)
  4. Capacity Building in Science Education in Rural Communities”. Matawa Education Conference 2020, Thunder Bay, ON. (Co-presented with M. Salvador)
  5. “Who is a Scientist?”; SciCommTO Conference 2020, Toronto, ON
  6. “The Unique Benefits and Challenges of Entrepreneurial Work-Integrated Learning”. EWO & CEWIL Professional Development Conference & Symposium 2019, Ottawa, ON
  7. “Experiential and Work-Integrated Learning”. 102nd Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition 2019, Québec, QC. (Invited speaker)
  8. “Learning Outcome Assessment of Entrepreneurial-WIL”. Educating for the Future: Learning Outcomes & Experiential Learning Symposium 2018, Toronto, ON. (Co-presented with B. Wylie-Toal)
  9. “Assessing Experiential Entrepreneurship Learning Outcomes” in C. Sá. “Symposium: The Ecology of Entrepreneurship Learning in Higher Education”. The Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education (CSSHE) congress conference 2017, Toronto, ON. (Co-authored with E. Veletanlic, and L. Vranic.)
  10. “The Best of Both Worlds – Entrepreneurship as an Experiential Learning Setting”. Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education – Empowering Learners, Effecting Change Conference 2016, London, ON. (Co-authored with E. Istrate, and C. Goh.)
  11. “Inquiry Physical Chemistry Laboratory”. International Conference for Chemical Education 2014, Toronto, ON. (Co-authored with C. Cheng, N. Kim, and M. C. Goh.)
  12. “Promoting Science Literacy through Engaging Chemistry Activities”. International Conference for Chemical Education 2014, Toronto, ON. (Co-authored with M. Salvador)

Selected Grants & Awards

SoTL Seed Grant – Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, UBC

iHub – CEWIL Canada

Professional Services/Affiliations/Committees

CEEA-ACEGCanadian Engineering Education Association 2021

ACE-WILAssociation for Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning BC/Yukon 2021

CEWIL Canada Cooperative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada 2018

EWO Experiential & Work-Integrated Learning Ontario 2018

RCIScience Royal Canadian Institute for Science 2015


Social Media


  • Startup internships provide a unique learning opportunity for students (February 6, 2017), The Globe and Mail.


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  • A. Eisenstein and M. Salvador. Making Science Fun for Kids! (September 1, 2016), Breakfast Television Montreal.


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