Professional Activities Fund

The Professional Activities Fund (PAF) supports co-curricular projects and activities including competitions, conferences and field trips. The intended purpose of the projects and activities is to enhance the professional development of undergraduate engineering students.

PAF Information for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

Application Submission Dates

PLEASE NOTE: as a result of COVID-19 AND uncertainty related to deadlines for events and PD related activities,  THE PAF COMMITTEE WILL REVIEW APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED on a case by case basis.

STUDENTS WILL RECEIVE A NOTIFICATION once their PAF request is made, and be updated once a decision is reached.**

How to Apply for PAF Funding

To Apply: If interested in PAF Funding, please fill out an online PAF Application form (link below) for PAF Committee consideration.

Direct your questions to Grant Topor, Student Professional Development Officer, at

PAF Resources

PAF Application Form

PAF Guidelines and Information

PAF Activities Summary Submission

Funding Acceptance Agreement Form

General Expense Claim Form

Travel Expense Claim Form

UBC Travel Policy #83