CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) AND UBC’S RESPONSE: For updates, FAQs and resources, visit ubc.ca. For UBC Okanagan-specific updates, visit ok.ubc.ca/covid19.

The School of Engineering Academic Advising, Engineering Co-op (Co-op), and Administrative teams are working , following UBC guidelines for physical distancing measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

No in-person appointments or meetings will be available during this time, but all services are continuing as usual.

What’s happening with classes & exams during first term (Sept -Dec 2020)?

  • Undergraduate engineering programs will be delivered 100% online for the first term (Sept-Dec), with a full suite of course offerings
  • Additionally, courses offered by most other faculties will also be online. This means students can choose to be anywhere in the world to pursue their engineering studies at UBC.
  • All lectures and tutorials will be online, and work is underway to determine what that will look like, considering that many students will be in different time zones.
  • Many labs will be online. However, for the very few labs that are not able to be delivered in an online format, they will be deferred until a time when you can safely be on campus, and make up the lab at a later date.
  • Small group activities and project work, already built into courses will be delivered online. Students will still be able to work in teams and on projects that are integral to the work that engineers do.
  • While we are keen to facilitate more people on campus, it is important to stress that health and safety remains UBC’s first priority as we continue to ensure that UBC plans are consistent with provincial public health requirements.
  • Online final examinations will follow the same schedule as posted in-class examinations
  • All courses that have scheduled final exams will have them delivered in one of two ways: Canvas Quiz and Take Home Exam (delivered through Canvas or sent directly to students).
  • Students will be provided with additional time for all Canvas Quiz exams, but must complete their exam within the allocated exam duration once they begin.
  • If you have any issues related to scheduling please reach out to your instructor directly and/or School of Engineering Academic Advising.
  • Student who access the Disability Resource Centre (DRC) are encouraged to speak directly with the DRC and your instructor for accommodations.
  • If you are registered with the Disability Resource Centre and need accommodations (or even if you aren’t sure you’re going to need accommodations yet) you need to book your exam in the accommodation portal as normal by the deadline specified for the term in question.
  • Instructors will communicate to students any changes to the grading scheme, any modified expectations, and final exam format.
  • If you are unable to write your exam at the scheduled date and time for any reason, or have problems with internet access, or any technological issues, you can obtain a Deferred Standing for the course.
  • Instructors will not add additional assessments during the term to replace the final exam, but may add low stakes assessments for the benefit of students.
  • If you are experiencing issues during the term and/or exam, please contact your instructor via email.  Alternative, you may wish to consider requesting a Standing Deferred if you feel that you will have technical issues during the exam period.

How will grading work this term?

  • All courses for 2020S academic session are eligible for CRDF unless explicitly excluded for sound academic, accreditation, or licensure reasons.
  • The deadline for students to request CRDF grading is the add/drop deadline, (Friday of the first week of classes for Summer courses) since the student request deadline was extended only for the Winter 2019 session.
  • Under the Academic Concession policy, faculties could extend the deadline as warranted for individual cases.
  • Instructors will communicate with students should the course evaluation or assessment differ from the syllabus.
  • Students in undergraduate engineering programs will be given a grade at the end of the exam period and then have the ability to choose one of the following options: accept the percentage (%) grade assessed, or; replace it with Credit/D/Fail (Cr/D/F) for all courses with the exception of capstone courses, or; request a late withdrawal (W).
  • Cr = 55% or higher | D = 50-54% | F = 49% or lower.
  • For each course, students will be able to view final grades as posted to the Student Service Centre (SSC) prior to making this choice and will be able to choose to convert their percentage grade to Cr/D/F or W on a course-by-course basis.
  • All the graded components of courses will be completed as normal by course instructors.  Instructors will enter % grades.
  • No action is required if students wish to accept the percentage grade option
  • Students must advise if they select Credit/D/Fail grading on a course-by-course basis using an online form.
  • Courses with a Cr or D standing will count towards program requirements and will serve as valid prerequisites.  Courses with a Credit/D/Fail will not count toward a student’s GPA calculation.
  • Students registered in graduate programs are not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading in any course.
  • The School of Engineering, the Faculty of Applied Science and UBC are working closely with other engineering institutions across Canada, Engineers Canada, and EGBC to ensure professional engineer licensure requirements are met regardless of which grading option students choose.  UBC will retain all percentage assessments should they be needed.
  • School of Engineering Academic Advising is available for students who have questions about this policy.
  • Students also have the option of Standing Deferral if they wish.  Students must submit this request through the online form before the schedule final exam or within 48 hours of the missed exam.
  • Choosing Credit/D/F will not impact Engineers Canada licensure requirements.  UBC Enrolment Services is preparing a FAQ outlining potential implications of Credit/D/F. We will let you know once it is available.
  • UBC will retain all percentage grades regardless of the option that Students choose.  Those grades will be accessible for graduate school, awards, and scholarships applications.
  • Full Cr/D/F Student Services / Enrolment Services FAQ is available here.

Can I register in course conflicts in summer courses, and are seats still available?

  • Yes, you can providing the conflict exists between APSC/ENGR courses only.
  • The School of Engineering has increased enrolment so there are still seats available in summer courses.

What are the grading options for summer courses?

  • All courses for 2020S academic session are eligible for Cr/D/F unless explicitly excluded for sound academic, accreditation, or licensure reasons.
  • The deadline for students to request Cr/D/F grading is the add/drop deadline, (Friday of the first week of classes for Summer courses) since the student request deadline was extended only for the Winter 2019 session.
  • Under the Academic Concession policy, faculties could extend the deadline as warranted for individual cases.

Are registration dates being revised for 2020 academic year?

  • Yes, 2020 Winter session registration dates will be pushed back by 2 weeks for all year levels.
  • The new registration dates are: Year 4 – June 23-25; Year 1 – June 30, July 2, 3; Year 3 – July 7-9; Year 2 – July 14-16

What’s happening with course delivery during term 2 (Jan – Apr 2020)?

  • Term 2 (Jan-Apr) is still uncertain, but we will make sure you are aware of any changes well in advance, so that you can plan for that as well.

Are the School of Engineering offices physically open during this time?

  • Offices are now closed, with limited personnel on campus.  However, services are continuing as usual.
  • If you need assistance from the School’s administrative team please email the person directly or use the general email (engineering.administration@ubc.ca).

How can I access an Academic Advisor, Co-op Coordinator, or a member of the Administrative teams?

What are the hours of operations that I can expect to hear from staff?

  • Our regular hours of operations are Monday to Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm.

Where can I find mental health support or resources?

How do I access emergency financial support?

What plans are in place for resuming on-campus research?

  • In collaboration with all UBC Faculties, UBC is planning for a phased resumption of on-campus research from the beginning of June, adopting a gradual approach over the summer months.
  • Conducting on-campus research and scholarship will be limited to those who require on-campus resources and cannot conduct this work remotely.
  • As a reminder, and in keeping with public health guidelines, the majority of our faculty and staff will need to continue working remotely, wherever possible.
  • It is important to stress that health and safety remains UBC’s priority.
  • For more information, please visit https://research.ubc.ca/COVID-19/phased-resumption.

Are there still special protocols for graduate students and researchers?

  • All Graduate students are strongly encouraged to work from home were practical and feasible.  For critical experiments, ‘weekend protocols’ should be in place to ensure safety.
  • In mid-March, the university announced it was curtailing on-campus research activities at UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan.
  • To continue research activities on our campuses, researchers must receive an exemption to be classed as critical research or maintaining critical research resources.
  • Procedures and protocols are currently being developed for a research decurtailment across UBC.
  • FAQs related to on-campus research curtailment https://research.ubc.ca/covid-19-curtailing-research-activities-ubc-campuses

As an international student what plans should I make for September?

What about events or workshops that have been scheduled?

  • All labs, field trips and tutorials have been cancelled or moved online (consult with your instructor for details).
  • In general, larger events have been cancelled, and some smaller events like workshops are moving online. If you have registered for an event, you will be sent confirmation of your event either being cancelled or moved online.
  • Spring convocation has been postponed

Can student teams continue to work in small groups at UBC campus?

  • Teams should not work together in person at this time. Planned face-to-face team activities should be cancelled until further notice.
  • UBC has implemented a number of steps designed to reduce the spread of infection.
  • Students are encouraged to work, collaborate and meet to discuss team projects using online, video conferencing and other electronic tools where possible.
  • Student can do their part  in preventing the spread of infections by: frequent handwashing, wiping down common surfaces, and avoiding coming to shared spaces if unwell.
  • Teams are encouraged to create an online scheduling system to ensure that only a few students at a time are in the design team space.
  • Students are reminded of safe working practices, and should not engage in work alone.
  • Teams should identify 2 – 4 key members who will be responsible for assisting in a planned secure-shut down of the team or lab space for the time being.
  • The 2 – 4 member team should make a checklist list of all items they need to secure and make a note of where they are secured (i.e. all tools put in locked cabinets).
  • Given that many teams may be trying to accomplish this activity at the same time, try to reduce contact with other teams, and try to remain at least 2 meters or 6 feet away from others at all times.

What can student teams expect for scheduled and planned competitions?

  • Currently the government has issued a travel advisory recommending all non-essential travel outside of Canada.
  • In addition the government is recommending that all Canadians should stay home where possible and specifically avoid large gatherings of over 250 individuals.
  • UBC has recommended all students abroad return to Vancouver as soon as possible.
  • We understand how important student competitions are to our design teams, and we understand that teams have been working all year towards these competitions.
  • At this time student teams should avoid making any further plans for participating in student competitions until further notice.
  • If there are questions around planned competitions we are happy to examine on a case by case basis.

Where can I get additional information about UBC’s response to COVID-19? 


The School of Engineering held a special Undergraduate Town Hall on April 9, 2020.

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The School of Engineering held a special Graduate Studies Town Hall on May 28, 2020.

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