Cycling Volunteers Needed


Researchers at UBC Okanagan are studying ways to create ideal bicycling infrastructure with design features derived from human factors techniques testing. 

Using a retrofitted bicycle to measure all aspects of the biking experience, Associate Professor of Engineering Gordon Lovegrove and his research team at the Sustainable Transport Safety Research Lab are studying all aspects of a rider’s experience.  “By studying all aspects of their experience, we are able to improve road safety while developing SMARTer growth neighborhoods” says Lovegrove.

The study will continue until later this fall, and is still seeking volunteers.  The volunteers are needed for a single session of approximately 90-minutes.  They will ride around the UBC Okanagan campus using a bicycle equipped with full video, heartrate, distance to vehicle sensors, geo-positioning and velocity measurement tools.  “Research volunteers are essential to enabling us to accurately assess every rider’s biking experience” according to Lovegrove.  For more information visit

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