UBC Engineering BioMed Conference

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UBC Engineering BioMed Conference – Presenters and Attendees.

Speaker Highlights

The UBCO Engineering BioMed group was privileged to hear from three successful UBC entrepeneurs; Pieter Cullis, Carl Hansen, and Christian Kastrup. They shared their stories and enlightened attendees on how entrepreneurship can be successful within the UBC setting. Their stories were inspiring and provided the tools necessary to envision similar success for the attending BioMed group.

Later, Scott Phillips outlined the ideal profile of an entrepreneur with respect to personality, background, and drive.  He helped attendees understand what type of person can and will make a successful spinoff.

Finally, Lesley Esford spoke about the challenges and opportunities for BioMed entrepeneurs in BC.

Lessons Learned

Attendees learned that private industry and government sectors are open to the idea of establishing new collaborations especially when the Okanagan campus becomes more active in technology transfer.

Commercialization is strongly fostered by the UBC community at large and the faculty members are encouraged to emphasize knowledge mobilization and application of their research results directly to public use. This culture has been cultivated in different UBC units, centres and departments to a different degree.

UBC Okanagan administration and faculty must join together to strengthen this culture even further.

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