SoE Lifecycle Management Laboratory receives grant

L to R: Dr. Rehan Sadiq, Dr. Kasun Hewage, and Rajeev Ruparathna

Drs. Kasun Hewage and Rehan Sadiq obtained the Building Excellence Research & Education Grant of Homeowner Protection Office BC. This research will be conducted at the Lifecycle Management Laboratory (located in UBC’s School of Engineering) under the supervision of the two professors.

This $40,000 grant is for an 18 month project aimed at improving the operational performance of multifamily residential buildings (MFRB) in BC through lifecycle thinking. This project aims to achieve the following objectives;

  1. Developing an indicator-based level of service index (LOS) for MFRB,
  2. Assessing lifecycle impacts of building repair, retrofit or replacement interventions, and
  3. Developing a decision support tool (DST) for life cycle asset management of MFRB

Statistics show that urban population growth rate is higher than the overall global population growth rate.  Consequently, there is growing demand for housing in the urban areas, which is primarily provided by multifamily residential buildings (MFRB). Even though many buildings do not perform as planned, performance assessment in the operational stage has been an unpopular initiative in the building industry.

Currently, there is a need to develop hybrid approaches to enhance and manage post-occupancy building performance. These approaches should assist compliance with rapidly improving environmental regulations. A significant potential exists to enhance building eco-performance through life cycle asset management.

Outcomes of the proposed research will directly benefit all MFRB across BC and Canada. The benefits include reducing environmental impacts, minimizing operational costs, improving the quality of service to building tenets and prolonging the service life of MFRB.

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