Pipe Flow Software donation benefits Capstone students

Assist. Prof. Sumi Siddiqua, her Capstone research group, and the School of Engineering are the recipients of a generous software donation from Pipe Flow Software, a software design firm based in the UK.

Capstone, a fourth-year requirement for all School of Engineering students, provides students with the opportunity to investigate the feasibility of a new design, process, or method of production.  The capstone team will work on a project in the energy sector, titled “Enhanced Oil Recovery using CO2Injection.”

Pipe-Flow Expert will form an integral part of the analysis and design for the team’s project. They will use this software to model the flow of Carbon Dioxide for a CO2injection pilot program specifically analyzing pressure drops and losses through various pipeline arrangements and networks.

The use of this software in a modelling capacity will allow the team to determine the best possible design for a very complex, multidisciplinary engineering project.

After the team approached Pipe Flow Software, the company kindly offered to donate three single-user licenses to Dr. Siddiqua and the School of Engineering.

For more information on Pipe Flow Software, see www.pipeflow.com.

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