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Admissions Information

For general admission information and procedures for entry into the UBC School of Engineering from a variety of academic backgrounds, please visit youbc general admissions. Additional information can be found in the UBC Okanagan Academic Calendar.

High School Admission

For admission information and procedures for entry into the UBC School of Engineering from a Canadian high school, please visit youbc high school admissions. Both general and program-specific admission requirements are provided.

University and College Transfer

The UBC School of Engineering accepts students transferring from another UBC Faculty and other institutions. In either case, students must apply for admission to the School of Engineering through UBC's Admissions Office. Admittance depends on the average of the last 30 credits of university-transferable courses that he or she has taken and on the average of the mathematics, chemistry and physics courses. The minimum admission average depends on whether the student seeks admittance into first- or second-year engineering.

A student will be admitted into second-year engineering if that student had successfully completed or has transfer credits for at least 27 credits of our first-year program. Students not meeting this criterion would be admitted into the first-year program.

Eight British Columbia colleges offer transfer of first-year engineering course credits. Students who complete one of the following programs with a GPA of at least 2.8 are guaranteed admission into second-year the UBC School of Engineering:

Bridge Program Transfer

Graduates of a technology diploma program may apply for admission directly to UBC School of Engineering. Note that, in general, few courses that are part of a technology diploma program are transferable to the School of Engineering, and there is a limit of no more than 30 transfer credits to the Okanagan campus of UBC from a technology diploma program. However, students who hold a technology diploma may consider applying to UBC through one of the established Bridge Programs.

Bridge Programs are available to students having completed technology diploma programs. Bridge Programs offer streamlined transitions into the UBC School of Engineering third-year. Detailed Bridge Program information can be found through the following links:

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