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Graduate Admissions

Application to the M.A.Sc., PhD and M.Eng programs in the School of Engineering are processed through the College of Graduate Studies on-line application. The letters of reference should be from academics familiar with the applicant’s academic preparation. Mature students that have been out of academia for a number of years may, with the permission of the Associate Director of Graduate Studies and Research, use letters from professionals. These professional reference letters should address the academic preparation of the applicant and the ability to apply engineering knowledge in the professional workplace.

Admission to the M.A.Sc. and PhD programs are determined by faculty members interested in supervising the student’s research. It is important for the student to examine the descriptions of the graduate programs in the discipline area of their interest, which can be found through the links on the Program of Study page and contact professors that are performing research of interest. Funded admissions are very competitive so it is in the applicant’s best interest to contact the professors and apply early. Once the professor has made their admission decisions they notify the Associate Director of Graduate Studies and Research to draw up an admission letter. This is sent to the College of Graduate Studies who will write a University level admission letter and make up an immigration form (if required). An e-mail of the admission paperwork is sent to the student and the hard copies follow in the mail. Transcripts and English proficiency test results are submitted via courier, so the applicant should ensure the address used in the application form can be used by couriers such as DHL.

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For more detailed information, please visit the UBCO College of Graduate Studies website.

For graduate inquiries, please email the Engineering Graduate Office or by phone (250 807-8650).

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