Stewards in Engineering Education (SEED) Program

The School of Engineering is introducing a Stewards in Engineering Education (SEED) program to promote interest and involvement in engineering among high-school students. Through the SEED Program, high-school students will have the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge engineering research.

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Participating Faculty Members

Ken Chau SEED  

Dr. Kenneth Chau, Electrical Engineering
Research Project: Tractor Beaming
Laboratory: Chau Research Group


Jonathan Holzman SEED

Dr. Jonathan Holzman, Electrical Engineering
Research Project: Lasers and Nanophotonics
Laboratory: Integrated Optics Laboratory


Mina Hoorfar SEED

Dr. Mina Hoorfar, Mechanical Engineering
Research Project: Digital Microfluidics
Laboratory: Digital Microfluidics Laboratory


Homayoun Najjaran SEED 

Dr. Homayoun Najjaran, Mechanical Engineering
Research Project: Robotics
Laboratory: Advanced Control and Intelligent Systems Laboratory


Deborah Roberts SEED 

Dr. Deborah Roberts, Civil Engineering
Research Project: Cattle Grazing Management in Water Sheds
Laboratory: Biological Solutions Laboratory


Ahmad Rteil SEED 

Dr. Ahmad Rteil, Civil Engineering
Research Project: Concrete Rehabilitation Using Composites
Laboratory: Rteil Research Group