Sustainable Glenmore Community Research Project: ComPASS Study

The Glenmore ComPASS Research Study is a UBC Okanagan project being conducted by students in the new School of Engineering. Financial support for this study has been provided by a Canada Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council Grant, and a UBCO Sustainable Community Development Grant in partnership with the City of Kelowna. With rising energy prices and traffic congestion, governments everywhere are seeking ways to promote more affordable transportation and healthier communities. The objective of this research is to determine ways that Kelowna residents might have more sustainable transportation choices. ComPASS is a Community Universal Transportation Pass, similar to the U-Pass paid for by UBCO students since 2008 at $12.50 per month, with some differences. First, while ComPASS, like U-Pass, provides unlimited transit use, it applies to all residents in a household (i.e. youth, adults, seniors, students, and non-students). Second, in cities where ComPASS programs have been most successful, various community privileges are added in. These additional privileges are yet to be determined depending on survey results and other resident input, but might include such benefits as: taxi rides home in emergencies, community shuttles, Parkinson Recreation Centre pool privileges, car sharing, bicycle tune-ups, bicycle cargo carts, and/or merchant discounts.

Phase 1 Results

To see the results of Phase 1 of the Glenmore ComPASS study, please view the final draft:
Glenmore CompASS Final Draft

Summary: What is ComPASS?

  • Includes an affordable unlimited transit pass.
  • Can include additional privileges if the residents desire them. What these privileges may be or how many are included is entirely up to the community based on the results of the survey and charrettes.
  • Is paid for by ALL residents which reduces the overall cost for everyone (eg: instead of 100 people buying a pass for $50 each, we have 500 people buying a pass for 10 each).
  • Is NOT subsidized by businesses or governments.
  • Promotes sustainable transportation options.


First: We need your input on the ComPASS Design to make it a success! Please click the following link to complete an online survey asking your thoughts on the possibility of introducing a ComPASS in Glenmore:

Second: Please also attend our Glenmore ComPASS Public Design Workshops! Your input at our workshops will directly input impact what privileges are included in the ComPASS, so please come out!!  The workshops will be held outside of Glenmore Elementary School by the portables at 6 pm on Tuesdays: July 19, August 16, and September 20. Be sure to put these dates in your calendar and we look forward to seeing you there!  Light refreshments will be served.

If you would like to have input but cannot attend, for more information or to arrange an in-person survey, please call: Dr. Gord Lovegrove at 250-807-8717 or Ellen Morrison at 250-864-5164.

The Glenmore ComPASS Research Study Timeline

  • March - Project launch
  • April 6 - 1st Steering Committee Meeting - Project Introduction
  • May 2 - Dave Sonmor & Ellen Morrison begin research on the Glenmore ComPASS
  • May 6 - Preliminary submission to the UBC Okanagan Behavioural Research Ethics Board (BREB)
  • May 24 - 2nd Steering Committee Meeting - ComPASS design components, study boundary, and survey design
  • June 7 - 3rd Steering Committee Meeting - Survey overview, study boundary, and public design workshop discussion
  • June 13 - Submission of the final ethics application to the UBC Okanagan BREB
  • June 21 - 4th Steering Committee Meeting - Public workshop design
  • July 12 - Approval for the ethics application from the UBC Okanagan BREB
  • July 13 - Glenmore ComPASS survey launched
  • July 13 - First press release to the media
  • July 19 - Public Design Workshop #1
  • August 16 - Public Design Workshop #2
  • September 20 - Public Design Workshop #3
  • September 30 - Completion of research and final report

Study Team:

UBC Faculty:

Dr Gord Lovegrove, P.Eng., MBA, PhD (PI)
School of Engineering

Dr Bernard Momer 
Sustainable Communties, Geography

Student Researchers:

Ms. Ellen Morrison, MASc student

Mr. David Sonmor, NSERC USRA

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